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Patterned blinds

One of the most rewarding purchases you can make for your home are blinds for windows. There’s no limit to how much elegance, charm, and style that Roman blinds, shutter blinds, and wooden blinds, among many other types, can add to your home. 

However, choosing the perfect blinds for your windows isn’t an instant process. It can take considering some of the following things to be confident you’re making the right choice.     

What to Consider When Buying Blinds for Your Home

When the time comes to research blind prices, you can rest assured of the many available options to choose from. It’s worth factoring in light, privacy, your budget, cleaning, and even your home’s style into the decision-making process. 

Light and Privacy

One of the many standout benefits of blinds, in general, is their ability to give you complete control over light and privacy. Blackout or block-out blinds, along with light-filtering panel blinds, are ideal for changing the light to allow for easier sleep routines. 

Privacy can also be gained with sliding door blinds facing your neighbours or roll-up blinds or roller shades when you want partial light and privacy. Even installing patio blinds, louvre deck awnings, and outdoor blinds can be a worthwhile consideration when you’re not able to benefit from as much exterior privacy as you might have hoped. 


Window blinds prices can be one of the first things you factor into the decision-making process when you start shopping. Your budget can ultimately dictate the type of blinds you buy, such as zebra blinds, real and faux wood blinds, and aluminium blinds. 

Some window blinds can be more expensive than others, so it can be worth setting a budget before approaching blinds experts so they can develop a solution within it. 

Ease of Cleaning

Just as fabric curtains or drapes require cleaning, so too do blinds. However, the style you buy can dictate how often you need to clean them. For example, many wooden blinds for sale, and other smooth materials and styles like aluminium blinds and Venetian blinds, are easy to clean with a dusting tool and even a vacuum cleaner. 

Others, like double roller blinds, roller blinds, and roll-up blinds, may require the use of a mild laundry detergent. Ask your local blinds expert for advice on the best cleaning techniques. 

Style of Home

The style of your home can dictate the window blinds you purchase. The light and dark colouring of wood blinds can suit both classic and contemporary homes, while insulating blinds of the energy-efficient variety tend to be more prevalent in older homes that require a helping hand with temperature regulation. 

Homes of Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian styles undoubtedly suit the elegance and classiness of plantation shutters, while zebra blinds work seamlessly with coastal and contemporary properties due to how much light and privacy control they offer. 

If you’re unsure how well your home’s style would work with any hard window treatment options, your chosen blinds stockist may have some ideas to point you in the right direction. 

5 Types of Window Blinds

Lovely blinds
Kitchen blinds

One of the most challenging parts of shopping for blinds for small and large windows is knowing what’s available. The last thing you want to do is settle for less than the best, so being aware of your options may help you make an informed choice. 

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds, both faux and real wood, are ideal for adding warmth and character to any home. You can purchase them with or without a valance, in painted or polished finishes, and with slats of bamboo for a more natural look.  

Wood blinds, along with other varieties like pleated shades, may also be available with cordless lift functionality, which promotes child safety. 

Vertical Blinds

Wider, shorter windows may benefit more from vertical blinds than horizontal blinds. However, vertical blinds are a budget-friendly option for superior light control and are among the most popular choices for sliding glass doors, French doors, and patio doors.  

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds can be a sleek, stylish addition to any living room or bedroom. Typically, such a blind style is available with six and eight-gauge aluminium and in full or mini blinds varieties so that you can control the amount of light. You can also purchase cordless blinds, and all options are easy-care, easy to install, and available in a variety of colours. 

Thermal Blinds

For energy efficiency, room darkening, and complete UV ray and light control, explore your options around thermal blinds as window shades. 

Thermal-blocking blinds, such as Roman shades with thermal properties and blackout shades, allow you to control daytime heat while blocking solar energy. You may also find that cordless cellular shades boast impressive insulation.  

Natural Fabric Blinds

Natural fabric blinds, such as Visage blinds with soft fabric, help a room appear more inviting and warmer. They suit dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens and also provide both privacy and light when you need it the most. There are also plenty of natural material options, such as cotton. 

Choosing the Perfect Window Blind Style


You may know what your style and materials options are, such as wood, screen roller blinds, thermal, and more, but it may be worth taking some time to find the perfect window blind style, too. 

Earthy and Natural Style Blinds

Earthy and natural-style window coverings like bamboo and wood are among the most popular for homeowners that prioritise sustainability. They warm up a room, function well for privacy and light, and are eco-friendly for peace of mind. 

Modern Blinds

Contemporary homes typically adopt clean lines and a seamless design, both of which blinds can assist with. However, some blinds colours and styles are better suited for modern dwellings than others. For example, neutral hues like grey and white may work in harmony with your furniture and décor. 

Artsy Blinds

Window blinds have the unique ability to tie an entire home’s design together. If your décor is very much reminiscent of the arts scene, with colourful rugs and vibrant art pieces, wooden or aluminium blinds in a solid colour like black or grey can be the relief your eyes require. 

Retro Blinds

Blinds for windows can be clean and contemporary, but they can also be retro, unique, and exciting. Talk to your local blinds expert about any retro-styled custom blinds options. They may recommend layering to achieve the look you’re going for, or they might suggest bold colours or even honeycomb shades. 


Shopping for high-quality best seller blinds can be overwhelming, particularly when there are so many options to choose from. However, a small amount of research can go a long way. 

Visit Blind Guys to choose your preferred type of blinds. You may be surprised at how quickly you find the perfect blinds for your home.